Things to do in Maui

What’s to do in Maui you ask?

There are lots of things to do on Maui

So what is one to do on Maui?  There’s so much stuff to do that two weeks at the Honua Kai would only scratch the surface this year.  Here are some of the fun activities we have done or have watched over the past 10 years:

Helicopter Rides:

There are many vendors who offer helicopter rides of Maui.  The sights you see can NOT be seen by car, van, walking, or riding – they can only be seen from the air.  If you are prone to motion/car sickness you will want to take along the Dramamine or one of those acupuncture wrist straps.  You definitely want to take the helicopter ride in the morning and NOT the afternoon.

Whale Watching:

From Thanksgiving to mid May humpback whales visit Maui waters – they are everywhere.  You can just sit on your lanai and watch them or take a whale watching tour.December 15 to May 15, whale watching is at its prime; and there are plenty of tours and cruises that will get you up and close personal with one (or more) of these mammoths.

Road to Hana:

I’ve already covered that topic here, but didn’t want to leave it out of this list.


There are so many fantastic beaches on Maui that you should visit a different beach every other day.  Walking the beach in the early morning is something we do every day we are on Maui.  The beach in front of the Honua Kai is one of the best beaches in the world – you can walk to Black Rock in about 20 minutes on the beach.

Old Lahaina Luau:

You simply must enjoy a luau while on Maui and I’ve covered the best ones here.  The undisputed king of luaus is the Old Lahaina Luau which is 10 minutes down the road in Lahaina.


THE most popular sport in Maui is surfing – you see cars with them strapped to the roof everywhere.  Take some surfing lessons which are very inexpensive.  This is something most mainland beaches just don’t offer.

Scuba Diving / Snorkeling:

We bought a set of snorkel, mask, and flippers at the island COSTCO 7 years ago and pack them on every trip.  Many resorts have introductory SCUBA lessons in their pool and I can’t think of a better thing to do in Maui to get dive certified.  Take lessons at your local Y and do the actual test in Maui – you will remember that for the rest of your life.


Lahaina has fishing boats leaving all the time – big game fish are caught all around Maui.  Many restaurants will prepare your catch for your dinner – what memories you will have over that dinner.

Iao Valley:

The Iao Valley National Park is a wonderful place to hike.  There are tons of activities to do while on the trails – bird watching and botanical gardens highlight lush rainforests . Handicap access is available just about everywhere in the national park. Hawaiian trees like ohia and koa, fill the forest.


The young at heart love to soar 800 feet above the ocean towed behind a boat, there is no better thrill than para-sailing. Bring a waterproof disposable camera and take pictures of Maui that can only be found at that altitude.

Haleakala in the morning:

Getting up at 3 AM and driving to the top of the Haleakala volcano and seeing frost or snow is something you probably never thought of when thinking of Maui.  The sun rising at 10,000 feet is something that you must see – don’t forget to take a coat or several sweat shirts – it’s cold up there.  There are bike rides that allow you to see Maui as the sun rises.

Well this is just a few of the activities you can do while on Maui.  I’ll publish more of a list later.

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