Whale Watching – Maui Adventure Tours at a Discount

Maui Adventure Tours We have taken whale watching trips for 10 years and Maui Adventure Tours is, by far,  the best for us.  They specialize in Zodiac boats and are very professional and knowledgeable.  Pregnant women and folks with back problems or recent surgery are not allowed to take the trip. The best bang for […]

The start of Whale Watching Season, in Maui, Gets going in November

Close to Thanksgiving, humpback whales begin arriving around Maui. Humpbacks migrate from their Alaskan feeding grounds each and every year to be able to give birth, raise the young whales, mate, and return to Alaska in April. The seas close to Maui are usually teaming with whales playing, courting, nurturing their young, combined with merely […]

Who is the best company in maui to do the whale watching with?

fantasticchewy asked: Going to Maui in January wanting to go whale watching. Is there a company that is well priced and good quality?