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Road to Hana

Road to Hana Tours


The Road to Hana is a “Must Do” when visiting Maui – we have taken the trip to Hana many many times and will do it once again on the next visit.  The road is 53 miles long from the Kahului Airport to Hana, has 600+ curves, 54 bridges and the drive takes 3 hours – one way.

I highly recommend that you DO NOT DRIVE – take a small tour bus and enjoy the ride and scenery.  If you drive a rental car be advised that you signed a waver stating you will NOT drive from Hana south to Kihei – it is an unpaved road and full of potholes and there is absolutely NO cell phone service in that part of Maui.

The Road to Hana is eye candy for all those who wish to see how Hawaii/Maui looked before man invaded the islands.  You will see huge tracks of land that Oprah has bought and the grave site of Charles Lindbergh.  Your van driver has many friends along the way – fruit stands, flower stands, and country stores.  He/she will have dozens of stories of Maui and the Hana area – you will have a fun filled day.

Tour vans will drop by the Honua Kai early in the morning and return you late at night – you will be exhausted so plan to do nothing that day but take the tour and sleep when you return.  You can get substantial discounts if you take a timeshare sales tour – we do this all the time and save big bucks – the sales tour takes 90 minutes and we schedule it in an off time the first or second day on Maui.  The discounts work on all kinds of things.

Vally Isle

Valley Isle Excursions

This van has all captain’s chairs – a “Must have” for a 12 hour journey.  We have been on their tour many times and have always had a great time.  They stop 13 times at various locations and spend 4 hours at these stops.  You get breakfast, lunch, snacks, and sodas throughout the day.  Their van has 12 captain’s chairs, 2 on each side of the isle.

Ekahi Tours

This is a family-owned tour company that has a number of Maui torus and their Road to Hana tour.  I’ve never taken their tour and there are very few reviews.

Polynesian Adventure Tours

Their tour loops around the complete western part of Maui.  They have a video to watch on their website.  I’ve never taken the triptour and there are few reviews to get more feedback from customers.

Aloha Tours

Never have taken this tour but this is a large company that charges a premium price and I can’t find anything negative about them.  They have small tour busses, serve breakfast and lunch, and make many stops through the day.


All in all I recommend Valley Isle Excursions since we have taken their tour 4 times in the past 10 years.  Let me know your experiences with any of the tour companies and I’ll post it here.

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A great book on the Road to Hana is the above book – click it if you want to read more.

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