Maui Scuba Diving – Right in Front of the Honua Kai Resort & Spa

Scuba Diving on Maui

Great diving in Front of Honua Kai Resort & Spa

Great diving in Front of Honua Kai Resort & Spa

Maui is popularly called the tourist Mecca loaded with fun filled adventurous tourist activities. The best scuba diving center is located at the Molokni crater which is about 20 minutes from the coast of Maui. This location has about 100 different species of fish and it is a great place for snorkeling too. This is often considered to be one of the best places for scuba diving in the world. The visibility range is almost 40 to 50m of distance and hence all the features can be truly enjoyed. There are many other locations specialized for windsurfers, helicopter tours, horseback riding but scuba diving locations alone give much importance for the true pleasurable experience for the tourists. Nature can be enjoyed at its best here.

The Scuba dive in Maui is mostly a drift drive on most days. Due to the clear visibility range, divers can see many species of fish, turtles which come to the surface for fresh air. The places are filled with sharks and occasionally whales can also be found. They can be seen at a depth of 70 to 80m of distance. Manta rays are excellent to be watched and most scuba divers will get their chance to watch them. They are harmless if the divers restrict their activities. Feeding directly is not allowed with these gigantic creatures as they may start following the tourists after feeding. This may create a problem for them. Hence direct feeding to the fishes is prohibited.

Almost all the beaches are open to scuba diving. The sands are warm and gold and the water is so clear in the beaches. Molokni is the famous scuba diving center, and it has strong current flowing. Expert divers can enjoy a lot here. Ka’anapali Beach has also got strong current flow and the shallow dives are most popular here. Honolua Bay will take only few minutes of drive in a boat from Ka’anapali Beach. This beach allows a dive of up to 40 feet maximum where lots of coral deposits can be found. Various forms of fish life can be seen. Ulua Beach is another site, which is most suitable for beginners. It has got an underwater cave with a resident reef shark. Divers can have a top notch experience of entering the cave, come up and sit on the rocks with the breathing apparatus out of their mouth. This can be an exquisite experience for all the divers.

Most people would prefer to have diving classes. There are many travel advisors who will teach lessons in a short span of time before diving. They will teach about the tips and safety guidelines that are to be followed. There are even advanced open water diver courses for the experts. Agencies which arrange for the scuba diving should supply with equipments those are 100% working and safe. Get set to enjoy the perfect tourist destination in the world and collect information about the various activities to have a fun filled tour.

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