Best Brunch/Buffet

Sunday Morning Brunch in Maui

Maui Sunday Brunch

Every Sunday morning you will find my wife and I at the #1 place in Maui for a Sunday morning buffet.  This is a no-brainer since we normally get to Maui at 4 PM on a Saturday and Sunday morning has our internal clock off by 5 hours and we are ravenously hungry Sunday morning.

Here are the three winners:

  • #1 Place – Ka’anapali Beach Hotel
  • #2 Place – Makena Beach & Golf Resort
  • #3 Place – Grand Dining Room at Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa

Maui Prince Hotel

Best Sunday Brunch and within walking distance!

Best Sunday Brunch and within walking distance!

This is a nice old-old resort that we have Sunday Brunch every time we visit the Honua Kai; you can walk there!  It’s about a 25 minute walk and is south of Black Rock.  Walking along the beach, on the great Ka’anapali board walk, Sunday morning is just fantastic.  The Hawaiian views of Maui and the Pacific ocean get us ready for the feast we are about to devour!

2525 Ka’anapali Parkway,
Ka’anapali Maui. Call 808-661-0011


Makena Beach & Golf Resort

Makena Beach and Golf Resort

I’m going to be honest and tell you I’ve not had brunch at this resort – it’s way way south Maui and when we are down in that area it’s past brunch time. I will say that all the reviews I read indicate that it’s a fine brunch.

5400 Makena Alanui Dr. • Makena, Maui• 808-875-5888


Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa


We have friends that have Sunday Brunch at the Grand Wailea all the time – it’s their big splurge while on Maui.  The Sunday brunch is astronomical along with the price.  For the money I’d rather go to the #1 Sunday Brunch near the Honua Kai and go whale watching for the same price.

The Grand Wailea is a 45 minute drive south from the Honua Kai.

3850Wailea Alanui Dr. •Wailea, Maui• 808-875-1234


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