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Honua Kai Weather
August 1, 2014, 1:50 am
Mostly clear
Mostly clear
real feel: 75°F
humidity: 81%
wind speed: 7 mph ENE
wind gusts: 9 mph
sunrise: 6:01 am
sunset: 7:06 pm
Forecast August 1, 2014
wind speed: 9 mph NE
wind gusts: 16 mph
wind speed: 7 mph NE
wind gusts: 13 mph
Forecast August 2, 2014
Partly sunny with showers
Partly sunny with showers
wind speed: 9 mph NE
wind gusts: 16 mph
Partly cloudy
Partly cloudy
wind speed: 7 mph NE
wind gusts: 13 mph
Forecast August 3, 2014
Partly sunny
Partly sunny
wind speed: 9 mph ENE
wind gusts: 16 mph
Mostly clear
Mostly clear
wind speed: 9 mph ENE
wind gusts: 16 mph

Welcome to the Honua Kai Cafe

Welcome to the Honua Kai Cafe
(We have NO affiliation with the Honua Kai Resort & Spa
Nor IntraWest, nor Playground)


20 times now!!!  On October 11, 2013 Conde Nast readers voted Maui as the #1 island in the world for the 20th time!  Why vacation at any other island in the world but the #1 island – Maui?

This website celebrates the newest 5-star resort on Ka’anapali Beach, Maui; the Honua Kai (Ho-new-ah-keye) Resort & Spa.

We own a condo at the Honua Kai and are members of the Honua Kai “Ambassador Club” where owners can find guests to stay at ANY unit in the resort.  In return we get a small commission and you get THE best rates anywhere – nobody can offer you better rates.

So look at some of the pictures and ask a question if you have one (in the way of a comment which we will answer).  Then when you are ready click the icon below and you will enter the Ambassador Club reservations system with our owner number attached and get the best rates anywhere.

Need a studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or three-bedroom at the Honua Kai?  Well click here and you will get THE best discounts available to anyone – you get our owner discount!  You will be brought direct to the Honua Kai Owner’s desk – you make your reservation direct with them with our discount number!  This is a win-win for both of us.

Ambassador Club

Honua Kai Owner’s deep discount reservations
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There is a new website that does all the legwork for you comparing prices of all the places you can rent Honua Kai villas – Honua Kai Resort & Spa Rentals. In a matter of a few minutes you will have ALL your questions answered as to pricing and availability of Honua Kai villas.

Watch the below video – just click the picture

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Outside Pictures

Honua Kai Resort & Spa

Picture 1 of 11

Duke's of Maui Restaurant is the brown ocean front building

Inside Pictures

Six Star Resort

Picture 1 of 13

Treat yourself and stay at a true six star resort in Ka'anapali

Honua Kai Goes Green

Honua Kai is a Leader in Green Technology!
Malama Aina (Caring for the land)


Who Knew?  As it turns out Honua Kai is a leader, on Maui, of green technology as applied to resorts!  This is cool!  Details of the Honua Kai Resort & Spa’s commitment to the traditional Hawaiian concept of “malama aina,” (caring for the land) have just been released to the public.  This topic is large enough to be broken into several posts – here is Part 1.

Lance Gilliland, the Director of Sustainability for the Honua Kai, has a name for all of this “We call it ‘Eco-nomics,’ – practices that are ecologically sound and economically feasible,” says Gilliland. Gilliland also says “It just makes sense to conserve energy, re-use, recycle and protect the beautiful natural environment for our homeowners and the resort guests that visit the property.”

I like the play on the word Economics into Eco-Nomics.  If the Honua Kai simply does what makes good economics the by-product of a green stewardship of the land is the natural result.  So just how does Eco-nomics work?  Here it is:

Water Conservation

Water consumption is a huge, huge topic on Maui – 1/4 of the island is a tropical rain forest and 3/4 of the island is starving for water.  The trick is to get the water from the rainy side of Maui to the desert side of Maui.  Every gallon of water saved is one more gallon not needed to be transported and purified for human consumption.

Fertigation – applying fertilizers through the water supply

Honua Kai sits on 40 Maui acres that has thousands of plants, trees, and acres of Maui grasses.  All of the plants are irrigated by “R1″ water.  This is recycled water from the country waste water system – as a bonus the water carries nutrients and minerals that the plants need to grow healthy.  This R1 water is not potable water and humans can’t drink it but the plants thrive on the stuff.  The R1 water doesn’t need to be processed further and thus saves money and existing filtration systems can produce more water for human consumption.

Computers monitor the Honua Kai irrigation system and provide just the right amount of water at just the right time of the day for optimum plant growth.  Since fertilizers don’t need to be added this saves a lot of money each year – the R1 water contains all the ingredients the plants need.

The R1 water supply is ONLY used to irrigate the landscape around the Honua Kai.  It’s not used for any other purpose, not for the swimming pools, not for showers, etc, only for the plants.

Honua Kai versus other 5-stars

Comparison Shopping

Because the Honua Kai Resort & Spa is in it’s opening phase rates are way below where they will be one year from now – why not take advantage of these bargains?

The holidays are very special on Maui – the whole island seems to get into the holiday spirit and visiting Maui during this time will make your vacation even more memorable.  I’ve just done a comparison of rental rates for the up coming holiday season – thought you might want to see the results.

Comparing the Honua Kai to other 5-star resorts for 4th of July week 2010 (July 3 – July 10, 2010): (Compared Jan 12, 2010)  (Don’t forget the Honua Kai has a FULL kitchen, washer/dryer, and is 25+ years newer, is a real condo)

Studio – Ocean views:

Honua Kai $388.38 per night – North Maui (Using my owner discount code)

Grand Wailea $619.00 per night -  South Maui

Ritz-Carlton $535.00 per night – North Maui

Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas $570 per night – North Maui (Timeshare)

Westin Maui Resort $560 per night – North Maui

Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa $520 per night – North Maui

Four Seasons $825.00 per night – South Maui

1 Bedroom – ocean view sleeps 4

Me $331.60 per night ($400 rack rate but $331.60 with a 17% discount for booking 170 days in advance)

Honua Kai $469.13 per night (Using my owner discount code)

Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas $750 per night – North Maui (Timeshare)

Westin Hotel$947.14 per night

Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa $1,010 per night (really a suite) – North Maui

Four Seasons $2,110.00 per night

2 Bedroom – Ocean view

Honua Kai – $590.25 per night sleeps six (Using my owner discount code)

Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas $990 per night – North Maui

3 Bedroom – ocean front

Honua Kai – $1,450 per night sleeps eight (Using my owner discount code)

No other 5-stars listed

The Honua Kai is a “Best Buy” for 4th of July week and anytime you want to stay on Maui.  The new resort isn’t overcrowded which means you get more attention and less hassle than other 5-star resorts.

Hope to see you at the Honua Kai this holiday season.

Note: We are now renting our 1 bedroom
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Our villa is a 1-bedroom ocean view condo and sleeps 4.  I can assure you no one can beat our discounted prices – no one!

Ambassador Club

Honua Kai Owner’s deep discount reservations
that you can use too – just click the above icon

Click here to make a reservation.  I’ve inserted my Ambassador Number of 60001X and the promotion code of 12604266 to get your discounts; just place your reservation and the discounts are automatic.   If you have specific requests like a view or floor you can call 877-662-2809 and a reservation agent will help you – give them my Ambassador Number of 60001X to get the owner’s discount.

Best Men’s Island Wear

Shops at Wailea

Need a new outfit for a special occasion? Searching for a comfortable shirt to hit the links in? This year’s winner for Best Men’s Island Wear, Tommy Bahama, has got you covered—literally.

With something for every occasion, the brand’s styles and designs manage to move effortlessly from work place to after-hours. Linen and cotton shirts and leanfitting pants and shorts are a fast-growing component of the brand’s sportswear collection, while its signature silk camp shirts, silk blend polo shirts and easy-fitting pants and shorts continue to appeal to themore traditional customer.

While Tommy Bahama is known for its traditional designs, the brand has some new ideas up its sleeves, too. In celebration of Hawaii’s 50 years as a state, the company has designed special 50th anniversary shirts, available exclusively in Hawaii and online. It’s just one more reason to head over to this year’s winner for Best Men’s IslandWear.

First Place::
Tommy Bahama
has two locations
3750 Wailea
Alanui Drive,Wailea, Maui

Whaler’s Village,
2435 Kaanapali Parkway
Lahaina, Maui

Second Place:
Honolua Surf Co
Lahaina Cannery Mall
Lahaina, Maui

Third Place:
Maui Tropix
261 Dairy Road
Kahului, Maui
808- 871-8726

Kaanapali Beach and Resorts, Maui

Some cool videos of resorts next to the Honua Kai Resort & Spa.

Start Thinking Whales!

Whale Season Starts Thanksgiving!

Right around Thanksgiving humpback whales start arriving in Maui.  Early December is an ideal time to visit Maui – just before the busy holiday season and when fellow tourists are just starting to shovel snow back on the mainland.

Anyway the Honua Kai is the place to stay and you can see whales from your villa, if you have an ocean view.  I found some great YouTube shots of whales – we see this kind of stuff all the time when we go whale watching on Maui.


For you surfer folks here is Jaws which starts in December too:

This is why Maui is the #1 island in the world
and the #1 destination too!

What are you waiting for?  Book your stay at the Honua Kai with me and you will get the lowest rates possible:

Ambassador Club

Honua Kai Owner’s deep discount reservations
that you can use too – just click the above icon

Click here to make a reservation. You will be asked for “Enter Membership Number” please type in 60001X and make your reservations.   If you have specific requests like a view or floor you can call 877-662-2809 and a reservation agent will help you – give them my Ambassador Number of 60001X to get the owner’s discount.

Day Hikes on Maui, 3rd Edition

Product Description
Day Hikes on Maui is a guide to 55 great hikes around this island’s coastline and atop its breathtaking mountains. Explore world-class beaches, dormant volcanoes, waterfalls, lava flows, cascading swimming holes, steep canyons and the jagged coastline. Easy to moderately strenuous hikes accommodate all levels of experience. Ample maps and clear directions ensure a memorable hike. (5 1/2 x 8 1/2, 128 pages, maps)

Day Hikes on Maui, 3rd

November Signifies the Beginning of Whale Watching Season in Maui

Right near Thanksgiving, humpback whales start arriving around Maui. Humpbacks migrate off their Alaskan feeding grounds yearly to give birth, raise the young whales, mate, and go back to Alaska in April. The ocean approximately Maui tend to be teaming with whales actively playing, courting, nurturing their young, and as well just simply having a warm respite ?n the chilly waters within the arctic.

Humpbacks don’t eat a single thing in the warm Hawaiian waters – krill, their most desired food, do not live in warm waters but exclusively within arctic seas. So whilst they spend wintertime in Maui they lose just about one-third their body weight.

Early December can be an ideal time to go to Maui — just before the hectic holiday season when fellow people are beginning to shovel snow back on the mainland. Airline tickets set you back significantly less as well as hotels charge you considerably significantly less than they generally do in January.

The Honua Kai Resort & Spa is the place to reside and you will view whales from your villa’s lanai, for those who have an ocean view. The Honua Kai is the latest as well as leading 5-star vacation resort in Maui found on the 1 beach inside the world Ka’anapali Beach within northern Maui. The review articles are in and they are quite frankly exceptional.

I’ve taken whale watching trips for 10 years and my recommendation is to locate excursion firms which concentrate on Zodiac boats. A Zodiac is the only technique to get up and personal with a whale the size of a school bus. Women that are pregnant in addition to people with back issues or possibly recent surgery will not be permitted to ride on Zodiacs.

Probably the most bang for the buck activity in Maui happens to be a Zodiac trip for 2 hours looking for whales. Each and every one of our journeys has been exciting also wonderful. We’ve became acquainted with lots of people whom in actual fact go whale watching each day whilst in Maui! If you take numerous tours with the same adventure provider you’ll get Pre-Boarding status and grab the ideal seats.

Bring a hat and additionally sunglasses – polarized sunglasses are unquestionably far better than normal types – you can see the whales swim underneath the boat with polarized ones. In addition, put suntan lotion upon any kind of uncovered skin as the UV rays will certainly burn even on cloudy days.

Arrive around a half hour prior to the boarding time in addition to once you do you is going to be assigned a numbered ticket – the lower numbers are permitted onto the boat first. This particular activity has a wonderful price reduction of which basically has adults obtaining tickets priced for kids prices if you purchase your tickets through the appropriate} excursion {company.

Best Seafood Restaurant on Maui

Mama’s Fish House

Honua Kai Resort & Spa - Best fish restaurant on Maui; Mama's Fish HouseGlistening moi is caught off leeward Oahu, then wok-fried with Kula vegetables and topped with mango-lychee blackbean sauce. Deep-water ahi is hooked by Kamaki Everett outside his home port of Hana Bay, then peppercorn grilled with Hamakua mushroom-basil sauce and served with a side of sweet potato “mash.”

Mama’s Fish House reigns as royalty in 2009, when it comes to serving the Best Seafood on Maui. Readers voted for this landmark restaurant in Kuau, not only because of the sheer volume it serves, but because it utilizes only the freshest local products. And, you know it remains consistent as it’s a multiple previous winner in this prestigious classification.

“It’s nice to work for owners who care more about quality than price,” says longtime Executive Chef Perry Bateman. “We have no limitations, really, when it comes to buying the best. We serve the most expensive lobster in the world, from isolated Tristan Island (part of great Antarctica) and we buy the freshest catch from local fishermen.”

Mama’s even has its own “fish guru,” Mike Pascher, who examines fish brought in to the loading dock in front of his chilled Fish Room. After an intense inspection, his team slices and fillets countless whole specimens from the deep, and then Mama’s go on to sell it — and no other restaurant in the state of Hawaii can top its volume.

For those who want a taste of Polynesia, try the fresh mahimahi and pork laulau steamed in a ti leaf package, which is opened tableside by the waiter, who then pours aromatic coconut milk into it. The laulau is accompanied by grilled Hana banana and tropical fruit. Mama’s presentation of this timeless Hawaiian dish takes seafood to a whole new level.

First place:
Mama’s Fish House
799 Poho Place
Kuau, Maui

Second place:
The Maalaea Waterfront Restaurant
50 Hauoli St. • Maalaea • 808-244-9028

Third place:
Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar
1881 S. Kihei Road • Kihei • 808-879-0004
115 Bay Drive Unit 115 • Kapalua • 808-669-6286

Best Maui Chef

Best Chef in Maui

In the overall scheme of things the Chef of the restaurant is really what the restaurant is all about.  Now there are things like location, furnishings, staff, etc. but the Chef is THE key component of a great restaurant.

Here are the winners for 2009:

  • 1st Place – Beverly Gannon of Seawatch Restaurant
  • 2nd Place – Michael Lofaro of Humuhumunukunukuapua‘a
    Restaurant at GrandWailea Resort Hotel & Spa
  • 3rd Place – Alex Stanislaw of The Plantation House Restaurant

1st Place – Beverly Gannon of Seawatch Restaurant


Beverly Gannon graduated from Le Cordon Bleu culinary school in Europe and has appeared on national TV programs and has authored a new cookbook.  The Seawatch Restaurant in Wailea, is where Beverly is Chef.  I’ve not been to this restaurant yet but on our next visit to Maui we will definitely have dinner there.

The recognition that Bev has gained for her island-influenced dishes, has built a following of critical acclaim across the country. In 2004, Bev was nominated for the James Beard Foundation’s “Best Chef Award: Hawaii and Northwest Region,” and as Executive Chef of Hawaiian Airlines, her food was named “Best Food in the Air in North America” by readers of Conde Nast Traveler (2003, 2004, 2006.) This restaurant is 45-minutes south of the Honua Kai.

100 Wailea Golf Club Dr
Wailea, HI 96753

Michael Lofaro of Humuhumunukunukuapua‘a Restaurant at GrandWailea Resort Hotel & Spa


Six restaurants are located on the Grand Wailea grounds, including Humu, specializing in Polynesian-Hawaiian dishes in a romantic setting. The thatch-roofed structure floats on a lagoon occupied by tropical fish.  This restaurant is a 45 minute drive from the Honua Kai.

3850Wailea Alanui Dr.
Wailea, Maui
Website: www.grandwailea.com

Alex Stanislaw of The Plantation House Restaurant

Plantation house

Executive Chef Alex Stanislaw brings years of experience and Eastern European influence to The Plantation House Restaurant – a perfect complement to its traditional warm Hawaiian hospitality.This restaurant is about 10 minutes away from the Honua Kai, but to be honest we’ve not been there – will try to make it next visit.

2000 Plantation Club Dr.
Kapalua, Maui
Website: www.theplantationhouse.com

Click to read more