Honua Kai Weather

Honua Kai Weather
February 22, 2017, 11:52 am
Partly sunny
Partly sunny
real feel: 76°F
humidity: 53%
wind speed: 20 mph NE
wind gusts: 36 mph
sunrise: 6:52 am
sunset: 6:28 pm
Forecast February 22, 2017
Partly sunny
Partly sunny
wind speed: 11 mph NE
wind gusts: 29 mph
Mostly clear
Mostly clear
wind speed: 9 mph NE
wind gusts: 25 mph
Forecast February 23, 2017
Partly sunny with showers
Partly sunny with showers
wind speed: 11 mph NE
wind gusts: 34 mph
Mostly cloudy
Mostly cloudy
wind speed: 11 mph NE
wind gusts: 29 mph
Forecast February 24, 2017
Intermittent clouds
Intermittent clouds
wind speed: 9 mph NE
wind gusts: 29 mph
Mostly cloudy
Mostly cloudy
wind speed: 7 mph NE
wind gusts: 22 mph

Announcement: Welcome to the Honua Kai Cafe

Welcome to the Honua Kai Cafe
(We have NO affiliation with the Honua Kai Resort & Spa
Nor IntraWest, nor Playground)


20 times now!!!  On October 11, 2013 Conde Nast readers voted Maui as the #1 island in the world for the 20th time!  Why vacation at any other island in the world but the #1 island – Maui?

This website celebrates the newest 5-star resort on Ka’anapali Beach, Maui; the Honua Kai (Ho-new-ah-keye) Resort & Spa.

We own a condo at the Honua Kai and are members of the Honua Kai “Ambassador Club” where owners can find guests to stay at ANY unit in the resort.  In return we get a small commission and you get THE best rates anywhere – nobody can offer you better rates.

So look at some of the pictures and ask a question if you have one (in the way of a comment which we will answer).  Then when you are ready click the icon below and you will enter the Ambassador Club reservations system with our owner number attached and get the best rates anywhere.

Need a studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or three-bedroom at the Honua Kai?  Well click here and you will get THE best discounts available to anyone – you get our owner discount!  You will be brought direct to the Honua Kai Owner’s desk – you make your reservation direct with them with our discount number!  This is a win-win for both of us.

Ambassador Club

Honua Kai Owner’s deep discount reservations
that you can use too – just click the above icon

Click here to make a reservation. You will be asked for “Enter Membership Number” you can get it by clicking here.

There is a new website that does all the legwork for you comparing prices of all the places you can rent Honua Kai villas – Honua Kai Resort & Spa Rentals. In a matter of a few minutes you will have ALL your questions answered as to pricing and availability of Honua Kai villas.

Watch the below video – just click the picture

Click the above video to view

Outside Pictures

Honua Kai Resort & Spa

Picture 1 of 11

Duke's of Maui Restaurant is the brown ocean front building

Inside Pictures

Six Star Resort

Picture 1 of 13

Treat yourself and stay at a true six star resort in Ka'anapali

Best Maui Bakery

Best Bakery

Komoda Store & Bakery

Honua Kai Resort & Spa - Komoda bakeryThe staff at Komoda Store and Bakery prepare award-winning pastries pretty much the same way they were made when Takezo Komoda founded the landmark Makawao business in 1916. “It’s all by hand,” saidManager Calvin Shibuya. “The onlymachines we use are mixers.

“On a busy day, wemake 100-dozen creampuffs,” Calvin continued. “On an average day wemake half that.” The filling for the prized confection is a closely held “secret family recipe.” Komoda’s creampuffs and stick donuts are the twomost popular items offered, according to Calvin.

The bakery also sells a variety of donuts; turnovers; danish; butter rolls; breads; pies; cakes and cookies—all baked fresh daily. “Komoda Bakery has the best pastries ever,” wrote Glenda Bucos ofMakawao. “No other can come close to their taste.”
“Komoda’s Bakery—it’s worth getting up early and waiting in the line that goes out the door,” wrote Jerry Labb of Makawao.

Komoda Store and Bakery
3674 Baldwin Ave., Makawao, Maui
ClosedWednesday and Sunday.

Second place:
Stillwell’s Bakery & Cafe
1740 Kaahumanu Ave.
Wailuku, Maui • 808-243-2243

Third place:
Home Maid Bakery
1005 Lower Main St.
Wailuku, Maui • 808-244-7150

Snorkeling on Maui

Here’s what snorkeling on Maui’s Napili and Kapalua Bays looks like.

The coral reef, right in front of the Honua Kai, looks just the same!

We own these

Warren & Annabelle’s Magic Show

Warren & Annabelle’s Magic Show

Barefoot Hawaii Activities and Tours

The first thing you should do is to set up and account with Tom Barefoot by clicking here – costs nothing to join. To learn more about Tom Barefoot Tours click here.

This show has NO discounts anywhere – Tom charges what everyone else charges but you get to do it in one handy location on his website.  This is another activity, on Maui, that is booked up way in advance, at holidays you must book months ahead.  The theater only seats 78 guests.

Warren is the world class magician and Annabelle is a ghost that inhabits the theater.

There are two (2) types of shows available for this magic show (called packages):

Admission Package – Warren & Annabelle’s on Maui

Your evening begins as you are invited into Annabelle’s secret chamber to discover the hidden passage into her parlor where the resident ghost playing the piano will entertain you. Request your favorite song or ask her a question and she’ll respond on her piano! Then move into an intimate theater, only six rows deep, and join Warren Gibson, renowned magician and acclaimed showman for an incredible and interactive two-hour magic show.*

Basically this package is the magic show minus the meal they serve.  Ruth’s Chris Steak House is located right next door and you can get a magic show with the best steaks on Maui all in one place!  The setting of Ruth’s Chris in Lahaina is ocean front and we have eaten there many times.  4th of July evening was just fantastic – we ate at Ruth’s and watched the fireworks over the Lahaina bay as a huge cruise ship was anchored right off shore.

Click here to order this package.

Package-Royal Flush – Warren & Annabelle’s on Maui

Includes Admission, Entertainment in Annabelle’s Parlor, Appetizers, Dessert, Cocktails and a Two-hour magic show that will entertain and amaze you. 2 Premium Cocktails featuring premium Liquor, Specialty Drinks, Blended Drinks, Imported and Domestic Beers, House Wines, Well Drinks and Soft Drinks. Additional drinks are available for purchase. Ticket price includes Gratuity on food and drink. *

Dinner: Combo Platter of Appetizers; Spicy Crab Cake with Sweet Chili Plum Sauce, Coconut Battered Shrimp with Ponzu Dipping Sauce, Polynesian Chicken Satay with Tropical Plum Sauce plus a Savory Kalua Pork Wrap with a Maui Pineapple Salsa deliciously rolled into a Tomato Wrap served on a bed of local Kula Greens. Choice of One Gourmet Dessert, Creme Brulee or White Chocolate-Raspberry Cheesecake, Key Lime Pie, Hot Apple Pie A La Mode, Chocolate Pots de Creme or a Classic New York-Style Cheesecake.

Click here to order this package.

*All Guests Must Be 21 + Years Of Age. Every Guest Must Present a Valid Photo ID at the Door. Theater A/C is Cool – Bring a Sweater. Days and Times can vary with season.

HD LCD TV with Blu-Ray DVD in Villas

High Definition LG TVs

There are two TVs in our villa:

  1. 52” HD LCD TV with Blu-Ray DVD player in living room
  2. 32” HD LCD TV in bedroom

Turn on TV and show TV-Guide:

Press “TV” button on the upper right under the “Mode” column to tell the controller you wish to control the TV.

Turn TV on/off: Press the BLUE button at the top middle – the on/off button.

TV Guide: Press 491 (Don’t press any “-“ dashes)




The following table should help with the major TV shows:

Oceanic Time-Warner Cable

Channel Description
49-1 TV Guide
50-1 FOX
51-1 ABC
51-2 CBS
52-1 NBC
53-2 Fox News
54-1 CNN
70-1 MSNBC
74-1 SYFY
79-1 Stars
80-1 HBO
81-1 Showtime
82-1 HBO

The 3-digit station number is punched in without the dash (-) so the TV Guide station is punched in as 491.

Blu-Ray DVD Player

You can easily play DVDs and Blu-Rays by doing the following:

Grab the TV Controller and turn on TV (See above)

On the TV Controller press the INPUT button on the upper left under the “Input” Column.







A popup menu will appear on the TV.  Click the down arrow and select the second from the bottom (HDMI1/DVI) menu item and press “Enter”.








Grab the DVD Controller and turn on by pressing the “Power” button.  You should see the “LG” startup logo on the TV now.

On the DVD Controller press the “Open/Close” button to open the sliding door and insert your DCD/Blu-Ray disc.  Press the “Open/Close” button again to close the sliding door.

Movie should now start playing.

Control sound level with the TV controller.

Control the DVD with the DVD controller: “Pause”, “Stop”, “Play”.

To get the main menu of the DVD press the “Stop” button.  Use the “left” and “right” arrows to highlight the “Movie” option on the TV screen, then press “Skip” to start movie.

To stop movie press “Stop” button then press “Open/Close” button to open DVD sliding door and remove DVD.  Press “Open/Close” to close door.

Press the “Power” DVD button to turn off the DVD controller.

Grab the TV Controller and press the “Input” button on the top left corner under the “Input” column.  A Popup screen appears for input to the TV.  Press the “UP” button until the top line is highlighted “TV” then press “Enter” button and you are now back to normal TV.

Best Breakfast in Maui

Maui’s Best Breakfast

We live in St. Louis and when we fly to Maui the time change can be 5 hours – so 7 am Maui time is really noon in St. Louis; breakfast takes on a whole new meaning to us.  There are many places open for breakfast on Maui and most of them are truly awful – you don’t want to ruin a perfectly good day by eating breakfast that totals the day.

  • 1St Place – Gazebo Restaurant
  • 2nd Place – Kihei Caffe
  • 3rd Place – Charley’s Restaurant

Gazebo Restaurant

Gazebo Restaurant in located in the back of this resort

Gazebo Restaurant in located in the back of this resort

Restaurant is on the beach

Restaurant is on the beach

5315 Lower Honoapiilani Rd
Lahaina, HI 96761-9005
Beach-side in the Napili Shores Resort.
Call 808-669-5621
Website: www.mauihawaii.org/restaurants/gazebo.htm

We have eaten here and the food is truly fantastic – so is the location on the beach.  Breakfast starts at 7:30 am and there will be a line of folks who got there at 7 am; the food is that good.  This restaurant is about 10 minutes from the Honua Kai.  This is probably the best breakfast on Maui!

Kihei Caffe


We have eaten here – the caffè is located in the norther part of Kihei on S. Kihei Rd.  It’s nothing fancy but the breakfast is great.  The caffè is open for a casual breakfast and lunch and is right across from the Kalama Park (beach).  This caffè is about a 45-minute drive south from the Honua Kai.

Willie Nelson can be found at this restaurant when he visits Maui – he loves the place.  Click here to see him.

1945 S Kihei Rd
Kihei, HI 96753-7836
(808) 879-2230
Website: kiheicaffe.com

Charley’s Restaurant

On the Road to Hana

On the Road to Hana

This is an important restaurant for you since it’s on the Road to Hana!  If you are driving to Hana you need to stop here and have a great breakfast.  Charlie’s opens 7 am to 10 pm and has a bar.  It’s a great place to unwind after a full day of driving to Hana!  The breakfast is fantastic and we have eaten there often.

142 Hana Hwy, Paia, HI
Website: charleysmaui.com

Best Stage Production

The history and culture of Maui and its fun to watch too!

We have seen ‘Ulalena many times – its a great show and oozes with Maui culture and folklore – I highly recommend adults see this; kids are bored to death.

When “‘Ulalena” opened almost 11 years ago, its Cirque du Soleil-inspired way of blending old and new, using dazzling stagecraft and technology to convey ancient myths and Hawaiian history, was considered bold and original. With some of the island’s best dancers, singers, aerialists and musicians bringing mythical gods, historical figures and even forces of nature to life, the dazzling production casts a spell bigger than the sum of its parts.

Beginning with the ancient creation chant, Kumulipo, it is not just a history lesson, but a journey into the soul of Hawaiian culture. Economic conditions dictated a reduction in weekly performances, but other challenges, including new competition have just energized “ ‘Ulalena,” which will celebrate its 11th anniversary later this year with special bargains for kamaaina.

The new “ ‘Ulalena” is greener, cutting energy costs by 60 percent, and fresher, which you’ll notice on a return visit. Its local connections run deep. “When ‘‘Ulalena’ was created, the purpose was to have a tourist show which inspired and gave local people pride and honor of the local culture,” says General Manager Dennis Preussler. “We wanted a show kamaaina would attend when guests visited, not just drop off and pick up.We feel these awards help to validate ourmission and we are going to work hard in the future to improve andmaintain our show.” “It just might be the perfect time to rediscover this Maui favorite,” says Maui Scene theater columnist Sky Barnhart—“and maybe even be blown away.”

First Place:
Maui Theatre, Old Lahaina Center
Lahaina, Maui

Second Place:
Maui Onstage
Historic Iao Theater
Wailuku, Maui
Third Place:
Cirque Polynesia
Hyatt Regency Maui
Ka’anapali, Maui
808- 667-4540

Maui’s Best Cheap Grinds

Cheap Grinds
(Great cheap food)

Aloha Mixed Plate

Honua Kai Resort & Spa - Aloha mixed plateA local plate-lunch style menu with affordable prices and a location at the water’s edge in Lahaina make Aloha Mixed Plate this year’s winner in the “Cheap Grinds” category.

“My favorite place to go after surfing is Aloha Mixed Plate; it’s a great place on the water to hang out, the food is reasonable and awesome!” wrote David Bulliment of Wailuku.

“Aloha Mixed Plate has the best value and best service,” wrote Bill Mosley of Lahaina. Mini “half-portion” plates with one scoop of rice for select items give diners even more savings. There is also a selection of pupu, salads, sandwiches, noodles and even a keiki menu.

Signature items include coconut prawns, and the “Aloha Mixed Plate” with shoyu chicken, teriyaki beef and mahimahi.

The restaurant has a full bar that provides a bevy of umbrella drinks (plus beer and wine).

First place:
Aloha Mixed Plate

1285 Front St.
Lahaina, Maui

Second place:
Da Kitchen
425 Koloa St. • Kahului, Maui • 808-871-7782
2439 S. Kihei Road • Kihei, Maui • 808-875-7782

Third place:
Sam Sato’s
1750 Wili Pa Loop • Wailuku, Maui • 808-244-7124

Bosch Dishwasher – Honua Kai Resort & Spa

Bosch SHX68E05UC Dishwasher

This Bosch dishwasher is the quietest dishwasher we’ve every used – it’s so quite that a red light shines down to the floor from the dishwasher door to let you know that it’s running!

Load the dishwasher as normal and put 1-tablespoon of dishwashing detergent in the section where the lid slides over.  When you slide the lid you must press down to lock it.




To run a load:

Open the door and on the top of the door is the power button over to the left – press it.  It should default to the correct settings to run a normal load.




You can change the default setting by pressing any of the buttons.

Close door and that’s it!  When the unit is finished it will start beeping – we could not find a way to stop that so don’t do a load before going to bed.

This Bosch dishwasher is the quietest dishwasher we’ve every used – it’s so quite that a red light shines down to the floor from the dishwasher door to let you know that it’s running!

Load the dishwasher as normal and put 1-tablespoon of dishwashing detergent in the section where the lid slides over. When you slide the lid you must press down to lock it.

To run a load:

Open the door and on the top of the door is the power button over to the left – press it. It should default to the correct settings to run a normal load.

Close door and that’s it! When the unit is finished it will start beeping – we could not find a way to stop that so don’t do a load before going to bed.

Maui Revealed – the Book

Maui Revealed – We Love This Book

We bought this book 10 years ago (older edition) and have taken it to Maui 10 times – that’s how good this book is.  The latest edition, #4, is even better than the original book from 10 years ago.

Maui Revealed

Click the above book cover to learn more about the 4th edition

Some of the topics in the book are:

  • Basic facts about Maui
  • West Maui Sights
  • Central Maui Sights
  • Hana Highway Sights
  • Southeast Maui Sights
  • Haleakala & Upcountry Sights
  • South Maui Sights
  • Offshore Islands
  • Islands

Every time we fly to Maui we take out Maui Revealed and drool over what awaits us – we’ve done this 11 times now and will do it on the 11th trip.  Each morning we are on Maui we pull out Maui Revealed and decide what to do today and plan ahead since many activities on Maui fill up fast and are easily booked up 3 days ahead of time.

As many pictures we have taken on Maui the book’s pictures are better!  Frustrating sometime but the pictures of Maui, in the book, are outstanding.

About one month before we fly to Maui we pull out the book and decide what we want to see and do this visit.  Some activities need 30 or more days lead time to book them.

Once on Maui we keep the book in our villa and when we drive anywhere we take it with us.  You would be surprised how many times you start out on one adventure and see something that you must spend time at – the book will tell you all you need to know on just about anything in Maui.

Make sure you order the 4th edition – that’s the one I link you to.  Don’t get cheap and order an older edition.